Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Wind Damage During A Storm

The before photo shows exactly what can happen when heavy wind blows hard objects into glass. Our client was in the middle of moving when a huge wind storm hit.... READ MORE

Storm Knocked A Tree Into A House

The before photo shows just how devastating a storm can be on your home. Our client found out first hand when a storm caused a tree to come crashing down on his... READ MORE

Chairs Cleaned After Storm

The before photo shows a few of the many chairs that were damaged after a tree fell during a recent storm, which caused water damage inside the home. Most of th... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Oroville, CA

When a heavy storm blows your roof shingles off the initial water damage can easily be seen. However the before photo shows the hidden damage. In the before pho... READ MORE

Rain Damage While Roof Was Being Replaced

When having your roof replaced one of the many things to think about is the weather and when it might rain. Our client found out the hard way when it began to r... READ MORE

Storm Damage When Sand Bags Fail

When bad weather is coming, preparing for the worst helps. However, what do you do when all your preparations fails? Call SERVPRO of Auburn/Rocklin. The before ... READ MORE